Where Combusting Cats are From



All of this was made up by myself and a fellow psychology student. This site is depicting creativity and how the brain connects things.

Creativity is having new and novel ideas. As you can see this sit is very creative. The thought of a cumbusting cat who can control fire is one that is little thought of. Connecting cats to fire through a simple story we were told is different. But this helps us remember what goes on in our class Each time we learn something new and important, it gets tied into Charlies story.

This connection is called assimilation. This is when you start to connect this to that. Like gram crackers in a box and chips in a bag. But when that is disturbed and you need to make new connections. Chips go in a box and gram crackers in a bag. So each time we are handed new information the story changes a little.

When you give something meaning it is easier to remember. Read this statement but don’t think of any thing else. First you must sort it, then for each different section do the next separately. Put it in and wait. Then switch it.

Now that doesn’t make much sense on its own if you were asked to repeat it could you with out looking? When you give it a meaning then it will be much easier. Read the statement again but think of laundry while you do. Can you repeat it with ease now? Giving things meaning and background stories helps every one to remember better. It can also make things more interesting.

My self and Emily, a fellow psychology student

My self and Emily, a fellow psychology student