Here are some tips to help with your cat.

These cumbusting cats do tend to like sweeter food. The increased amount of sugar in them helps the flames to burn bigger and more intensely. A good idea is to keep your cat food as low in sugar as possible. And never leave sugar out. Your cat might mistake salt for sugar, but salt puts fire out just a little.

You can also buy fire proof cloth for everything, but that’s expensive. I suggest keeping a close eye on your cat and never leave any thing that would fuel a fire. Things like gasoline, absinthe, any other liquor, pastafarian books of faith, and especially trousers. Basically just keep things away from your cat that you normally would, plus a few things here and there.


You should look out to see signs of an episode. If your cats sneezing more then usual they are about to have a fit. Other signs are;

  • standing extremely close to the stove top
  • excessive movements
  • not laying in the sun
  • eating things that fuel fire
  • scorched scratch poles
  • smoking cat

If you are leaving for a while on a trip don’t put your cat in a kennel,that will only make the combustion worse. When these cats get agitated they will combust as a defense mechanism. Have a friend cat sit, or house sit. Please, if your cat has these problems dont get ride of it, just take extra good care of it and love them a lot.