The Cat That Started It All


The Cat That Started It.



Charles Was a happy cat, he chased mice and laid in the sun all day. Charles did however, prefer to be called Charlie. He was a nice cat purred for any one who pet him. He loved his cat food and always kept the mice out of the house. He wasn’t a ruffian like that darn tom from down the block. Him and that Jerry mouse always fought. The ruckus they caused was horrible. Charlie could hardly stand it.

One day Tom and Jerry had been really acting up. Their human must have been out for the day. Then Charlie’s human set a fire to her stove. Now the other cat of the house was out in the main room sun bathing. He is irrelevant. Charlie never cared all that much for him any way. But Charlie was there in the kitchen eating his lunch, a taste full medley of Fancy Feast flavors. His human thought it to be a higher class food. And you know how much humans care about those silly things.

Charlie was on the counter enjoying his medley while his human cooked her lunch. All of a sudden WOOOOSSSHHH! Flames every where Charles was consumed! His human screamed frantically, How was he going to make it out of this one? He had already used 7 or 8 of his lives! The he felt this weird sensation, like… some thing was reaching inside of him and changing his innards. Charlie’s human grabbed an extinguisher and put him out. Amazingly he was fine! Some of his hair had burnt off and he smelled funny, but other then that he was just fine!

His human was so amazed. She took him to the animal hospital any way. When they finally saw the doctor, he said that Charlie was fine and in his diagnosis he had just stood to close to a candle. Charlie’s human tried to explain that her cat had caught on fire and should be ashes. All the doctor said was for her to calm down her cat was fine.

Things were quite after that. Charlie went back to sun bathing and eating mice. But a few months later Charlie was eating another medley of fancy feasts. This was a special treat after all. Then WHOOSH! Charlie burst into flame! This time his human was in the other room. What was going to happen? No one was there to put poor Charlie out. Then, he felt that sensation again. This time he opened his mouth to meow. When he did this the fire from his body was sucked in and spit out through his mouth! Charlie was a combusting cat who could harness these powers!

Once Charlie closed his mouth the flames fired up again around him. He jumped down from the counter and proceeded to the living room. His paws scorched the carpeting and his body heated the room to great warmth. Charlie went out the front cat door and through the grass. He had no concern that his flames would set fire to his hunting ground. But amazingly they didn’t. The ground where his paws had stepped was burnt but no fire.

Charlie spotted a mouse and decided to go for it. He let out a monstrous roar, (for a cat), and as he did, fire burst out of his mouth, roasting the mouse! This was the best mouse Charlie had ever had! He decided this combusting thing might be okay after all.

One day Charlie decided he wanted bigger more intense flames, so he went hunting for some kind of fuel. Now, Charlie is no dummy. He watches myth busters and discovery and other channels that are informative. So he knew what would help with fire. His human didn’t keep any highly flammable things around the house so Charlie had to improvise.

As he was searching Charlie found a can of spare gasoline in the garage. He thought this would be a good idea. It was flammable and a great excellent. Charlie decided to just drink a tinny little and cover himself with the rest. Then he went out to the ally and burst out! The flames were 5 feet high and his dragon breath was 8 feet long! Usually Charlie’s fur is fine after a combusting episode, but not this time! Because of the gasoline his fur got crispy and a few patches were missing. Other then that Charlie felt fine, in fact he felt so happy he thought he would try it again tomorrow.

The next day Charlie didn’t feel so hot, which for a combusting cat is really not good. He felt cold and weak. And his stomach hurt like nobody’s business. What was wrong? If he had let out all that fire yesterday why did he feel so bad? He whined and whimpered till his human realized he was trying to tell her how bad he felt. She rushed him to the vet and hoped for good news.

The doctor decided to keep Charlie over night to see what was going on. While Charlie was there over night he sneezed and bust into flames. The night staff was terribly frightened and put him out right away. In the morning they told the doctor and he didn’t know what to say. So he called Charlie’s human and asked her to come in.

Once the human had come in, the doctor told her what happened and asked if she had ever seen this happen before. Well, Charlie was smart and tried not to let her see him combust, so she naturally said no with great shock and terror. Then the doctor and the human sat in a room with Charlie and watched to see if he would blow up. Eventually he got bored of them staring at him, so he popped up, liked his little paw and, WOSH! The human and the doctor were in total shock, they put Charlie out but he just light himself up again.

Once he light himself up again the doctor decided to let him burn just to see what would happen. As Charlie was on fire his human started to cry and scream that he was going to die. But the doctor was smart and saw that Charlie was perfectly fine. Charlie meowed and let his fire out. Then the flames stayed down, and Charlie was ready for a nap. The doctor took his human out of the room and explained what he thought was going on.

The doctor explained that he thought this cat was very special and that is was the one and only combusting cat in the world. He told the human that he didn’t quite know why, or how this was happening, but he would like to find out. At first the human said no. She didn’t want him doing testes and things on Charlie. He belonged to her. But then she thought, for science. What if other peoples cats do this? Wouldn’t they like to know what’s going on with out that doctor dissecting their cats? So charlie was sent to a testing facility where he got everything he ever wanted. And he wasn’t held prisoner either. He was allowed to wonder around and go outside. He could even set anything on fire he wanted.

Charlie is still alive and living well. He is helping head the research into super powers. Thank you Charlie.